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Friday the 26th of May was indeed a special day.  It was a day of training, Sudanese Education, and education of power-point development and program preparation.
Yes, our Iowa District West wants to develop a new program and project for securing funding for the support of our Sundanese Pastor Rev. Danie Mapur and his family that will allow Rev. Mapur to spend his full time and effort to reach out to the full Sundanese population there in the entire LeMars, Iowa area!!!
It is hard to even belive but in the Sundanese Congregation at LeMars, Iowa they have over 80 children in that special outreach ministry of bringing Jesus to these dear new Christians.  
Rev. Mapur will be out in our Iowa West District, showing pictures and telling the amazing "miracle story" of the ministry that is going on at the facilities of Grace Lutheran Church at LeMars, Iowa.  
Here you see at the office of Mission Central this special group of people that the Lord sent for this special training session.  From left to right:  Rev. Daniel Mapur, Pastor of this new Sudanese Lutheran Church, Rev. Keith Haney, Assistant to President Turner, Rev. Tim Geitz, Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in LeMars, Iowa,  and Mr. Manyang Cheingkou, Head Elder of the Sudanese Congregation at LeMars, Iowa. 
In the last two years they have had over 45 baptisms in this new Mission Effort for the Lord Jesus!  We ask for your prayers in this new effort and outreach for the people that God has sent here from Africa!!!!