3rd Year Seminary Student Nathan Nelson
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO

To Grace Lutheran Church,

I apologize for the delay in sending my thank you letter this last part of the school year. I got very sick with Covid during the mnonth of May and was scrambling to get all of my final assignements completed. Thankfully I am healthy again and all my assignments have been finished.

I am happy to report that I have received my vicarage (student internship) assignment! I have been assigned to serve at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Decatur, Illinois, as their vicar for the coming year, which is about two hours east into Illinois from St. Louis. They are a medium-sized church and have a preschool that they have been running for fifty years. They also, along with four other Lutheran churches in the Decatur area, support a K-12 Lutheran school. I have been told that I will likely be serving in both the church's preschool and at the K-12 school during my vicarage, and I am looking forward to these new opportunities to learn and serve. I do not have an exact start time yet. After only briefly talking with my supervising pastor so far, my scheduled start time is the first week of August, but he said that he would be willing for me to start sooner which I would probably like to do.,

Please thank all of the Sunday School kids who raised offerings to support me! That was beyond generous what they did! Also thank you so very much for supporting me overall in my ministry. I certainly would not have been able to make it this far without your financial assistance, so thank you for aiding me this far in my endeavors to become a pastor of the Lord's church. 

Gratefully in His service, 
Nathan Nelson